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Offering completely reliable Optical Metrology Instruments,Optical Metrology Instrument Stands, Research Kits, Electronic Autocollimator, Precision Autocollimator, etc. of different sizes, models and specifications.

About Us

Prism India Private Limited introduces itself as a client focused company, working as an eminent manufacturer, exporter and importer of Optical Metrology Instruments, Optical Metrology Instruments Stand, Electronic Autocollimator, Precision Autocollimator and Research Kits. Our detailed range includes Alignment Telescope, Diopter Telescope, Linear Interferometer, Optical Parallels, Angle Dekkor Stand, Front Surface Optical Mirrors, Shear Plate Collimation Tester etc. These are developed by highly qualified professionals from superior grade raw material in sync with the industry laid norms. The products we offer find their use in night vision binoculars, laser levels telescopes, refractometers, defense departments, R&D organizations and space department. Some features that are majorly responsible for high demand of our products are simple usage and high durability.

Ours is an export oriented organization, which is generating almost 85% of its total revenue generated from the customers based in the markets of export Europe and US. A team of talented personnel works hard to take firm the dominating position and also meet requirements of every client. Further, our widely spread shipment network and promptness also make us prime choice of numerous customers.

Our Guiding Lights- Management Staff



Mr. V. Jayaram

  • Founder of Prisms India Private Limited
  • Currently working as our Managing Director
  • Has done post graduation in applied optics from Regional Engineering College, Warangal, A.P,
  • During post graduation, he has undertaken study on Holography and Interferometric Testing Optical Components at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
  • Started his career in an Optomechanics manufacturing company, which was producer of optical mount &stages
  • In 1981, he switched to a Chennai based marketing company, which was dealing in optics related items that were made outside India
  • Has served in various capacities in a lens manufacturing firm for more than 7 years
  • When he started Prisms India, it was having just a simple conventional machines to produce Plano optics with high degree of tolerances
  • Pioneer in making optical contact technique in the manufacturing prisms to less than 5 seconds accuracies
  • Also, he has established float polishing to attain still optimum tolerances on flatness, size and angles
  • Manufactured Optical Instruments (Autocollimator & Fizeau Interferometer)

Mr. Babu

  • Currently, working as an Optics Development Manager of Prism India Private Limited
  • Completed post graduation in Physics
  • Has worked in a Defense establishment in various capacities in Instrument division
  • Holds great knowledge in defence related Optical Instruments
  • Possess over 5 years of experience in handling Quality Dept in Optics Industry in 1990's.

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